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Our Biomedical Engineering program offers:

  • Strength in Basic Sciences, Fundamentals of Engineering, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering.
  • Different lines of research in Biomedical Engineering with specialized laboratories: Mathematical and Computational Biology, Biomechanics, Cardiovascular Dynamics, Cellular and Protein Engineering, Biomedical Signals, Biomedical Artificial Vision, Nanobiomaterals and Biomolecular Engineering, Genetics and Genomics of Behavior and Biomedical Instrumentation.
  • Opportunities to deepen a research area in Biomedical Engineering through 4 elective courses (12 credits).

  • Opportunities to deepen in an area of general interest through 2 elective courses (6 credits).

  • Diversification opportunities through General Education courses (21 credits).

  • Development of a personalized professional profile through a flexible curriculum in your own career and complementing it with double program opportunities, academic options, internships and exchanges.

  • Development of a Design Project (Capstone Design Project) )in the last two semesters of the program, which replaces the completion of a thesis.


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