Plan of Studies

Option in biomedical engineering


Must approve classification exam
Must be taken before third level courses. To fulfill requirement you must take LENG-1501 or LITE-1611
Must also take the respective 0 credits lab
Only offered on first semester of the year
Only offered on second semester of the year
Basic Uniandes cycle and free courses ( credits)
Degree requirements and Capstone Biomedical Design Project ( credits)
Electives in science and engineering ( credits)
Basic Sciences ( credits)
Fundamentals of Engineering ( credits)
Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering ( credits)
Advanced Courses on Biomedical Engineering ( credits)

Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

IBIO1010:    Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Syllabus
IBIO2099:   Quantitative Physiology for Biomedical Engineering I Syllabus
IBIO2102:   Quantitative Physiology for Biomedical Engineering II Syllabus
IBIO2240:  Scientific Programming Syllabus
IBIO2250:  Biological Transport Phenomena Syllabus
IBIO2260:  Modeling and Simulation of Biomedical Systems I 
IBIO2560:  Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation I     
IBIO2650:  Biomaterials I Syllabus
IBIO2780:  Final Capstone Biomedical Design Project I Syllabus
IBIO3160:  Biomechanics I Syllabus
IBIO3270:  Experimental Design and Biostatistics Syllabus
IBIO3470:  Biomedical Image Analysis I
IBIO3870:  Final Capstone Biomedical Design Project II Syllabus


Advanced Courses on Biomedical Engineering

IBIO4660:  Biological Transport Phenomena II                            
IBIO4650:  Biomaterials II Syllabus
IBIO3112:  Biomechanics II: Biomechatronics Syllabus
IBIO3999:  Biomedical Engineering Research Project  Syllabus
IBIO4680:   Biomedical Image Analysis II: Computer Vision Syllabus
IBIO4690:   Biomedical Modeling II Syllabus
IBIO4640:  Biomedical Signals II Syllabus
IBIO4630:    Selected Topics in Medical Biotechnology Syllabus