Please click for information about our Undergraduate Program on Biomedical Engineering
All information about our IBIO graduate programs.
IBIO's pride
In recent days, 24 new Biomedical Engineers from Uniandes assumed the challenge of leading the development of our discipline in Colombia. The IBIO community is proud of all its graduates and congratulates Diana Herrera and Alejandro Posada, who graduated with honors.
IBIO Innovation Challenge 2017
María Alejandra León, Silvana Huertas, Santiago José Cifuentes y Javier Felipe Cifuentes won the 2017 IBIO Innovation Challenge. The team will represent Uniandes in the BMES Coulter College Innovation Challenge, to be held in August 3-6 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
New IBIO Chair
Professor Juan Manuel Cordovez is the new Biomedical Engineering Chair. Please click for more information
Juan Carlos Briceño is the new Director of Graduate Studies
Former IBIO Chair Juan Carlos Briceño will now lead Graduate Studies for the whole School of Engineering. Please click for more details.
IBIO student among the best in state exam
Angie Molina was among the best students in the SABER PRO test. Please click for more information.
IBIO Research Line on Blood Substitutes
Please click to watch the video of our Research on Blood Substitutes by Professor Juan Carlos Briceño, as part of the series on Engineering of Things by the School of Engineering.