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The Biomedical Engineer (B.S.) from Uniandes has solid foundations in the fundamentals of Engineering, basic sciences and medicine, and has the necessary skills to propose solutions to medical, biological and health systems problems in general. As a contribution to the industry, the Biomedical Engineer (B.S.) from the Universidad de los Andes is outstanding in his ability to integrate knowledge in his areas of study, solve problems analytically, work as a team and lead multidisciplinary groups. He is also qualified to participate in the generation and development of knowledge in Biomedical Engineering with research projects and to continue his postgraduate studies in this area.

Job opportunities are in the national and multinational industry of medical devices, bioinstrumentation, health care informatics, hospital and logistics management, bioinformatics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. There are also opportunities in research institutes, hospitals, and government entities. Within these industries and entities, the graduate is qualified to perform in the areas of design, construction, quality control, operations management, maintenance, marketing, research and consulting, among others.

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